What do I need to know before registering?

New Patient Policy

In order to accommodate new patients into our schedule as soon as possible,  we ask that all patients fill in the registration forms provided through the "Registration" link shown below. Before being seen  patients will need to bring with them (1) a completed registration packet  (2) a proof of insurance card (3) a list of all  current medications and (4)  HMO referral form if they are under an HMO insurance plan. 


By completing all the steps outlined above prior to their visit, patients can help us make their visit more efficient and productive. For those new patients that are not able to complete the registration process online we ask that they come in at least thirty minutes before their appointed time to complete their registration in office.    


Thank you and Welcome to our office!

"Your Dermatology team"

Office Policies
PATIENT CALLS:  All non-emergency calls will be taken during our regular office hours. Only Emergency calls will be taken after hours or weekends for active patients. 


APPOINTMENTS:  Please call during office hours to schedule an appointment (please no e-mail requests for appointments). Our goal is to take care of your Dermatological problem in a caring and efficient manner. To that end we ask our patients to do their best to honor their appointed time. When canceling or rescheduling an appointment we ask that it be done with at least a 24 hour notice. 


REFILLS:  All refill requests will be taken  during office hours only. We will make our best effort to respond to prescription or refill requests for our existing patients by the end of that same working day. 

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Protecting and respecting your privacy is of the upmost importance to us. To know your rights as a patient please read our "Notice of Privacy Practices"  that appears below. For any new patient it will be necessary as part of the registration process to acknowledge that they have read or had the opportunity to read our Privacy Policy.  

Accepted Insurances







*Patients with BCBS HMO please note that as of June 30, 2015 Dr. Franco will no longer see patients with Blue Advantage HMO in his private office. No new Blue Advantage HMO patients will be accepted after June 1, 2015.  Combo Medicare-Medicaid and

Managed Care Medicare not accepted. 


Above are all the insurance companies that we accept in our private office. By virtue of Dr. Franco's affiliation with Texas Tech some insurance companies will have Dr. Franco listed as a provider but that is for patients at  the Texas Tech Clinic only. Call us if there are any questions.

Lab Orders & Results

​In the event Dr. Franco determines that lab studies need to be ordered for completion of a patient's Dermatological evaluation, we will give our best effort to direct them to the laboratory  that their insurance has a contract with. This is will be based  on information at hand which includes that which is provided by the patient. When any laboratory studies have been completed please call the office for those results.


Ultimately the responsibility of knowing what laboratory to go to rests with the patient.

How do I register as a new patient in your office?


New Office Patients:  No new patients are being accepted due to closure of the practice as of January 31, 2018.  See Events page for details.



1.  Click the link for Patient Registration.  Download, print, and fill out the forms.




Bring the completed forms along with:  your insurance verification cards,  any doctor referral forms you may have, and a list of all the medications you are currently taking.